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Thank you KimSim for your reply,
so what should be the the correct pressure for MXY-4A28VA compressor?

Coolserve spec for this compressor is 30366 BTU. Why they told me is only 28000 BTU ?
Corrected pressure should be around 150+/- for inverter model. Need to check with experience Aircon man as well.

4A28 the actual BTU Max was 30k, but after factory setting to current limitation lock at 8.5A, left 7.2kw X 3412 = 24.56k BTU only, unless you do the same like me go to adjusted the current input for 11A to be maximum the input watt as well.

Faster cooling and higher BTU but pay slighly higher a bit.
Otherwise go with 4G28 will do
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