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Hey cheesepie, disconnected haircut is like what?

I went about a month ago to cut overlap, something like leaving the top alone, and shaving the sides all the way from bottom to top up. Something like undercut?

Such hairstyle need a lot of styling which I do not really like so I want to switch back to the normal cut short and neat. It's already a month and do I need to wait longer to cut side slopes?

So you cut slope now as well?
If you refer to many many post back I got show my hair which is top long side shave (but the photo is taken 1.5months after haircut). Now today the photo is 1 month after that photo mentioned above. And is like normal and connected le. But I was advised that if I keep it longer by one month then go cut again, it would be more 'connected' haha. More room to join top and sides up

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