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Now that the official release firmware is out (and the confidentiality request is lifted), I did a few basic speed tests. Performance is still as surprisingly high as experienced with the beta driver.

The laptop is a Thinkpad Yoga 15, with an Intel 7265AC. I'm sitting about 3-4 meters away from the router. The NAS is connected over Gigabit Ethernet, same with the Desktop.

Lanbench 1.1, four connections. Server is on the desktop, client on the laptop. Laptop link rate is typically 866 Mbps (with previous routers it would fluctuate between 760 and 866).

Previous routers (RT-AC68U and RT-AC87U): throughput is around 320-350 Mbps.
RT-AC88: 550 Mbps...

File copy between the laptop and the NAS (unfortunately I never noted down the performance I used to get with my previous routers). This is a 2 GB file I'm copying between the two.
RT-AC88U: 55 MB/s from laptop to NAS, 70 MB/s from NAS to laptop. Pretty sure it's higher than what I was experiencing before switching router.

So I'm not sure what kind of voodoo Broadcom has done with this new chipset/SDK, but throughput results are through the roof for me, when combined with the Intel card (I don't have anything else to really test it, my only other high speed wireless devices are my N9 and my N5X).

Will be interesting to see more rigorous testings done by reviewer to see if the same tendency can also be measured on their end.
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