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Anyway some updates on Blumaan original. It will be completed by Dec and ship as soon as we get it.
I heard they might be increasing the quantity per tub so let's wait and see!

Sorry for all the delay and wait.
maybe is the price the deters pple.. cos have to spend 50 over to commit.. haven try... but have the thoughts since original by blumaan is delayed...
Blumaan is pretty good, but it's a bit weird. The sample I got is a bit too sticky for my liking, so I'm not seeing how this can be used as a pre-styler.

Otherwise the hold and matte finish is great. It is literally "all-day hold" as advertised - 7 hours in and my quiff is still holding up.

edit: What I saying is that Blumaan and MM Styling Balm are 2 different products

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