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I saw the Aurora at 3 separate places in Europe. Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The first time in Iceland was during December when there were early winter, very challenging as it snowed heavily everyday. Managed to get a glimpse of it. Returned to Iceland 2 years later in late January,this time round it's like tio TOTO, Angels dancing in the sky full bloom.
As for Norway and Sweden, it was about end Jan and early February, good aurora activity and cleared sky, therefore managed to get some good pictures in the frozen cold deep winter.
Being able to see aurora from Iceland is like tio TOTO as they would have the most challenging cloud conditions compared to the other areas - i think the least number of times aurora being seen in the area is Iceland, and it's mainly due to the cloud covers.

I have seen it in Finland, and also Norway. Yet to head to Sweden and Iceland for it. Although I think I would only be heading to Iceland around Aug period which will not be good for Aurora.
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