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Having a aircon problem now, but service uncle narrow it down.

Long story short, my panasonic inverter system 3 ac all 3 unit blowing wind, and very mild cool wind. Uncle touch the fin inside the fan unit, not cold and no water droplets. Hence he check the compressor, the alu piping connecting to the fan unit is freezing, and gas is filled. So he mention it could be a internal (or call extender) valve that connects to the alu piping could be damaged. He is helping to get one for me from Panasonic headquarter, he will try the new valve on all 3 internal (extender) valve to determine which valve gives way.

Just to check, with the symptom mentioned, fin not cold no water droplets, and valve from compressor shows "freezing" sign, just that the fan unit is not coming out any cold air/wind.
Any guru and expert can advise if the uncle is correct mah? And say if the uncle is wrong , is there any professional i can find that specialize in rectifying Panasonic aircon problems besides washing/cleaning?

Sorry for my lengthy post, wanted to keep it short thou

Thanks in advance for any help/advise rendered.
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