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Hi,i would like to ask. I have a resale condo, currently using 4 R22 aircon, 3 Toshiba and 1 fujitsu, system 3+ system 1. I want to replace the aircons but not the piping as it's all concealed and the condo probably gonnna en bloc within next 10 years so don't see the need to repipe for new inverter r410a system.

For 3 bedrooms have to go with Daikin MA56EV1 as its the only R22 aircon that's available to be purchased new

Now the problem is the living room, are there any single spilt R22 aircons available for sale now? If not is it possible to Run a single spilt from another MA56EV1 as i feel system 4 will be abit overload for a single outdoor.

Also what is the R22 phase out situation like? Can i safely use these aircons for next 10 to 15 years? And i also heard that sales of all R22 aircons will cease in Jan 2016 which includes MA56EV1?

If anyone knows these please advise. Many thanks in advance
Yet to receive any official notice on the exact phase out date for all R22 products. But, as studies have demonstrated that R22 (containing HCFCs) is harmful to the ozone layer, Singapore has signed the Montreal Protocol to freeze all production and selling of Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including R22 refrigerant in air conditioners, by 2016. Yes, MA56EV1 included. Owners can continue using their R22 products but as the supply of R22 refrigerant decreases, prices for R22 refrigerant and replacement spare parts are bound to increase.

The average lifespan of any aircon unit will vary based on how much usage and maintenance it gets. If it's well taken care of, you can expect to get up to 12-15 years out of it. Regular self-cleaning of air filters and quarterly or biannually servicing by professionals will definitely play a big part in prolonging it's lifespan.

Currently, brand new Daikin Non-inverter Single-Split and System 3 are still available. I've PM and shared with you the different options and prices. Cheers!
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