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[Review] Secretlab OMEGA Classic Throne, the most advanced chair ever made...

PC chairs, it is something very difficult to choose from. And gamers like me will tend to sit long hours when we are gaming at our battle station. Usually a bad chair is something that will cause us to have backaches, bad postures, and at times causes us to get very cranky or moody whenever we are gaming. As a gamer ourself, we would really love and appreciate to have a gaming chair that suites us in our daily gaming needs. With that i would take the opportunity today to introduce, the all new OMEGA Classic Throne from Secretlab. And I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Secretlab especially the man behind this, for giving me the opportunity to review the Omega Classic Throne.


Credit Source : Secretlab
Secretlab® is a Singaporean-owned company that develops chairs made for long hours of computer usage. Our founders were previously competitive video gamers who had suffered from medical issues that arose from long sessions. They decided to commit to developing a chair that could help alleviate the issues.

Our team is experienced in many areas, such as craftsmanship, industrial design, customer service, just to name a few. Our objective is to create top quality products designed with rationality in mind, while retaining a reasonable price point. We do this by approaching product development from a consumer’s perspective and constantly asking ourselves if an addition would be worth it for the user.

Our chairs are used and trusted by many gaming celebrities, professional gamers, production studios, and events.
Secretlab is a new company that creates great ergonomics PC chairs. Gamers like us particularly spend a lot of our time in front of the PC. And it is only good that we as a gamer should take good care ourselves on our own postures and also the well being of our backbones etc. And usually you have to pay a hefty price tag for that "dream" chair. And that is where Secretlab came about, in providing both ergonomics and comfort for an reasonable price range. And the company mission says it all.

Credit Source: Secretlab
Secretlab chairs have been designed to combine both ergonomics and comfort at a price point that would make it accessible to all. We hope to provide customers with an option that is affordable but also of a superior quality.
So does the OMEGA Classic (also available in OMEGA Stealth) lives up to the standard in modern gaming chair? And is it worth the price of SGD$499? Stay tuned to find out more...

Physical Measurement

One thing for sure the OMEGA is really big. Big in a sense that when you see it, it looks sturdier, solid, larger, with proper padding, and lastly looks "luxury".

What you are about to see right now will be the physical height from ground to the top, height from cushion base to the top, cushion size from the front to the back of the back rest.

Floor to top of the back rest (132cm)

(Note: Chair have been extended up fully)

Cushion base to the top of the back rest (80cm)

Front of cushion base to the back rest 50cm

The next measurement will be the back lumber

Breadth 7.5cm

Length 30cm

The next would be the pillow for the head support

Length Approx 30cm

Breadth Approx 7cm

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