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Apologies if i sound noob in ps4 stuff, iirc, when i buy a disc and load into the ps4, it will install some files into the system. Once i am finished with the game, i am able to delete those files except for the saved files.

Is the above correct? Coz the console will be purely for gaming, not storing movies and all. Unless i buy digital games.
The save files and game installation files are in different folders. You can delete the installation files and leave the save files alone so that u can still continue ur progress in future.

Regarding the 240gb SSD.. i think the storage size is kinda small for a PS4 usage. For eg, the disc copy of AC syndicate will take up abt 45gb of the storage/Fallout 4 will take up 32gb of the storage. They will take up even more space after their updates and patches.
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