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How much did u buy ur TV may I ask?

As far as I know, the ratio of cost to size for TV goes way up after 60 inch. I might be outdated.

Have u seen bto size nowadays? The size of it just not realistic to fit a 75 inch TV.
My 75inch cost about $6k+. Yes a huge jump of price from 65 inch to 75 inch. Consider a reputable 4k 65inch tv brand like lg cost $3.5k now.

Don't judge the size of tv by the size of your flat. It is the viewing distance from your eyes to the screen. I sit 2.8m away from it and It doesnt look big as time goes by. It look big but never overwhelming big that i have to shift further back. As long u have enough space from your stationary tv positiom to the rear of the wall. It doesn't matter what room size of your bto flat.
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