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You have your valid points. As a seller, encountered buyers that always ask for better price etc. It's a Singaporean nature. Some are lowballer which I won't even bother.

To correct your last sentence. Pay more if you want to play good games FAST/EARLY. For single player games, most people wouldn't mind not playing it on Day 1.

That's why maybe you just prefer to pay for convenience. I prefer to exhaust all resources before giving up. It's not the dollar value. It's the % saved.
the worse and most distasteful of buyers for me is those that always want a freebie. Even can bargain until they got a free uselesskeychain that they will throw or a pack of lousy Everready AAA battery they also happy.

Cheapskate is a mentality really and has nothing to do with a person's financial status i think...LOL..
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