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am already prepared to get flamed since i also see ppl asking for 'best price'/'good price'/'cheap price'/freebie on everything.........even right down to $1 discount...

i can understand the appeal of something like a 40-60% discount...that is a deal and a steal.

but a 5-20% discount of a game? That is insignificant. A freebie mousepad/phone case is insignificant and pointless.

how much are you saving from that 10% discount? $3-$5?.........a starbucks cost more than that!

same as's less than $10 buck A MONTH. It's less than $1 a day! The money spent is less than a bowl of meepok at Amoy Street!

But no....people just want cheaper, cheaper, cheaper! Best is free!

and it is this mentality that we have Free to Play games, and DLC spreading their scourge on the gaming world.

DLC because ppl are not spending full price on new games...the publisher had to come up with ways to get back their money and earn a profit.

Free to play because zombies are attracting to the word 'Free'.

You want to play games, you gotta pay. You gotta play GOOD games, you gotta play GOOD money. There's no such thing as cheap and good. Cheap/Good are both mutually exclusive of each other!

That's my view. Flame on!

But i digress as this is going away from the PS4 topic.
tts human nature
back in my era, one super famicom original final fight/ street fighter game can be as high as $90-$130
ppl keep saying will buy more if price can be cheaper
fast forward to ipad era, 99cts a game is already very cheap le yet so many farkers still wanna jailbreak it n hv it for free ( will tell u how much they like jailbreak cos can this and that yet end up only get free games)
"we will look very seriously into this matter,and do absolutely nothing about it"
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