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i'm sorry if i offend anyone but i don't think i will change in my heart on how i view ppl that buy 2nd hand...because i attribute these ppl that caused the current DLC/season pass scourge that plagued the gaming industry buy 2nd hand, you are not giving the developers/publisher money (but the 2nd hand shop/dealer) and the devs/publishers had to come up with sh!tty method to earn their profit. And then the ones that paid full price to the devs because they wanted to support them like me becomes a carrothead.

And then the same group of ppl that don't buy games full price/1st hand complained about DLC/free to play...when they are the ones that caused it. The worst are those that did the 'gamesharing' thing in the PS3 days....and that forced sony to restrict digital games to only playable on 2 systems at any time now. Thanks, guys for that!

That aside, in another news...Sony just announced that the PS4 has sold through 30.2 million units worldwide. #ps4masterrace
I give my POV. Ytd after Crescendo ended, they interviewed a producer and he said that in the market now, CDs are harder to sell, because many peeps pursue digital. But to them, the profit they obtained from CDs is still more than the profit them obtain through digital music. That context may or may not apply to ps4 games, as CDs doesn't really have a resale value (unless one keep them for ages)

The opinion from both of u represent both sides of a coin, like literally. One feel the need to maximize their purchase, the other is willing to pay for convenience and tech. No right or wrong, both avenues present an option for gamers and ultimately its good for us all.

Just my 2 cents.
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