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Went to JB on Saturday and encountered massive crowds and long waits at every point- Queen St Terminal, at Woodlands immigration, its public bus queue and also JB CIQ. It looked like a big mistake to visit JB on that first weekend of the school holidays!

Luckily a brainwave came up and we decided to return via the 5:30pm Tebrau Shuttle, avoiding the jam of human traffic at Sentral CIQ, bus lines and our own Woodlands CIQ altogether.

Things I confirm from this experience:

1. free seating although tickets show seat numbers. Every ticket clearly states "Free Seating", and everybody does sit freely upon boarding.

2. even on a 5min service for 1km between 2 points, it is possible for the train to be late, as we encountered.

3. Tickets for weekdays are sold out 2 months in advance, as shown correctly by online booking systems such as Easibook. Weekend tickets can be bought on the same day, as we found out to our delight.

4. maybe needless to repeat myself in the same thread, train passengers have dedicated CIQ areas seperate from other modes.
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