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1) Lets say i going to buy a couple of computer chair and i use cbm ship for me.

I will be paying for the item and domestic shipping myself and the you will only charge me for the GST and the cbm cost correct?

2) 1st cbm is flat 130, if i exceed is it part thereof or 130+110

3) So my items when reach your warehouse , you will measure LxBxH and calculate the CBm correct?

Thanks in Advance
1) Firstly, you mean you will buy the items yourself and send to my warehouse? Which means you're using my ship-for-me services?
If yes, I will charge you (Shipping Fee + GST + Parcel Fee).

If you're wondering what's the parcel fee and how do we calculate. Easier for your reference, 1 Tracking number = 1 Parcel = $1. I don't care inside that parcel you got how many things. As my sea shipping side storage day is unlimited, and air is 17 days.

2) if you exceed let's say 1.3CBM, the 1st CBM is $130 flat and the excess 0.3CBM = $110 x 0.3CBM = $33.

So 1.3CBM = $130 + $33 = $163

3) Yes. Calculation of CBM = L(m) x B(m) x H(m).

Hope I answer all your queries.

Thank you!
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