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Shampoo sellers, got xmas promo a not? My vogne is finishing

btw the vogne shampoo, I'm still using it after 11 months. Left maybe 1/5. Am i using too little? Haha. cause the description says a bottle can last 1-2 months. But the amt that i am using, it foams enough for me to wash my hair. The conditioner, still 3/4 remaining after 11 mths. Seldom use it.
As I mentioned about the new Sulphate free shampoo - Care for my cut: Daily shampoo

Very often, many shampoos focus on how to keep your scalp clean or how to allow your hair to be moisturized. But with this shampoo, it emphasises more o how to maintain your haircut of your life. Very interesting idea as the idea beings with perfectly clean and well-cared-for hair. This is one super gentle daily shampoo too, for people who are paranoid about changing or trying out new products. Free of parabens and sulfates.

Also, there is natural ingredient, an essential oil - Neroli for a delicate citrus scent.
I have to say that this product is totally capable of delivering total cleansing with TLC.

Since it’s getting stricter here, I have to stop at a point. If any of you are interested, can either PM or text me.
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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