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Instead of just simply pointing to one without justification, i guess its more sound to analyze on one's needs.

The main difference between REF 323 and OS is on the dryness and hold. While OS comes with higher hold than REF 323, it could be slightly drier though. It might not be an issue to some, but if you're one who minds the dryness, REF 323 can be another alternate solution to look at. IMO, i would recommend OS to people who might be having real stubborn hair, hair that is more oily, and wants oil control as one of the properties. This is because the dryness is superb at controlling excess hair oils. REF 323 will be better for people who does not mind having normal holding factor (though it's strong already) and does not really require oil control.

Realistically, most seasalt sprays will suit everyone.
To be honest, to compare dryness.
Sidekick > ref 323 > OS spray.
OS spray gets oily as the day goes by. Especially if I use Dynamite Clay or gold digger with it.
Personal opinion.
I have very normal scalp. Not oily not dry.
So yea. Lol
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