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^ no need to Suan me leh lol. Sad leh.

You type everything out then end with your last sentence. Ironic much? Don't you think? Your justification of 2 products is based on its properties and one's need. But you end with it suits everyone. I am like whut?

As hokkien ppl say (sorry I hokkien pang). Wu gong gong Bo. Say like never say. Lol

No hard feelings ah. Hehe
No lah, i suan you for what?
It's more of clarifying with rollanddie coz he just asked REF 323 or OS without stating any further info mah.

The reason for the last sentence is to give the confidence to others that any type of SSS will suit everyone. But why did i say so much infront? It is just to state the differences specifically, if one wants to go down to much details.
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