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[USB Compliant] CHOETech & TechMatte USB C Accessories[Authentic]

One of the first FEW USB Spec Compliant Cables in the Market!

Prices inclusive of Normal Postage
Order Form can be found here! :

(Non compliant might result in your socket overloading)

Superspeed Syncing:
(Transfer data to and from all your USB devices at speeds of up to 5 Gbps)

High Durability:
(The Cable features a braided cord that is resistant to kinking, bending, and environmental damage. Aluminum housings provide added durability)

56kΩ Pull-up Resistor:
CHOETECH's USB-C to USB-A Cable is designed to fully protect your device from damaging excessive current.

$8.50 ~ USB 3.0 A-C Cable (1M)
$7 ~ USB 2.0 C-C Cable (2M)
$3.50 for 1, $5 for 2 ~ Micro USB - USB C Adapter

Contact Me @ 92221335 for any further inquiries!

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