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For benefit of other new users here, i post here:
  1. On the same PS4 your main Asia account is on, create a new user account.
  2. In the new account setup, put an US address (You can use your Vpost/borderlink address which will not have sales tax). This will ensure that your account created will be US.
  3. In this US account, "Select [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4]" to make the game purchased using this account playable on the other account on the same ps4.
  4. Buy PS instant code from Amazon You can use a local CC, but billing address put a US address (again your vpost/borderlink add)
  5. Redeem the code on the US account to top up value.
  6. Make your purchases and download the games
  7. Switch back to your main asia account to play. Profit!!!
You got uk psn account too?
Worth it to get uk psn plus?
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