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To put the issue at hand into perspective, gaoxing84 was given an infraction for a post in which he said,

along with an image of a hair product. The intention to advertise is present, hence the infraction.

You may continue your discussions on products and sellers as you have done so previously, as long as it is within the forum's guidelines.
Still think it's abit atrocious but I am gonna let it go. Let go and let live.
At least I know that is frown upon now and I am going to avoid this kind of post from now on.

Would be good if the mod can give an warning before simply throwing points to individual. We gotta learn what is accepted and what is not accepted. Especially those post where we have totally no idea what is not accepted. Like you say. Perspective of advertise is different.
At least you let us know. We know your stand and we stop.
It's a happy family here after all in hwz. I hope we can work together to keep it that way.
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