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Got a pair of A2000x a while ago and had been using it for a few weeks. Before that I was using HD595 -> M50 -> DT880. DT880 is great but it's an open can. A lot of times while doing work I prefer a closed can to better concentrate so I got an A2000x from amazon for about 400 USD.

Some impressions:
(Using a fiio E17, upgrading the amp/DAC soon)

It's very neutral. Nothing seems too pronounced. Bass is a bit on the light side compared to DT880.

Huge sound stage. It's a closed can but feels as open as a HD595, and have an even wider sound stage than DT880 which is a partially open can.

Very comfortable. You don't even feel you are wearing anything on your head because of the light material used and the 3D wing design.

Extremely analytical and detailed with great instrument separation. I could hear a lot of things I couldn't hear before on my other cans. In some music like aviici, I could even hear the faint disc scratching sound amidst all the loud EDM.
Some pics:

It's not the coolest design out there. I would have to say I really hate the "Art Monitor" words on the can. The font looks so cheap. If they had removed it and just left the Audio Technica logo and name on there it would have been so much more classy.

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