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For 2, not competitive. Money changers at arcade are open on Saturday morning. Last resort is mustafa.
Thank you. The problem is I would likely be flying in from another country so wont be able to change money in SG. Will have to figure out how best to get my Yen from my end.

Spending all 9 days in tokyo r generally fine. I went there twice. As the first time i went there for 5 nights was definitely not enough.
Add to that, can take day trips outside Tokyo for scenic spots.
Ok it seems 9 days at Tokyo and her vicinity is doable. I was actually wondering whether it makes sense to extend the trip from say 9 days to 12 days to include Osaka-Kyoto. Thinking of perhaps spending 5 days in Osaka/Kyoto and the balance at Tokyo with day trip to Kawaguchiko Anyway I guess I will do my sums to see whether it is worth it. I am not exactly a fan of temples but I am into history and culture.

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