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Appeals and feedback

Having said the above, if you feel strongly against something or a given infraction/warning, please drop us a note in the feedback forum? There really is no point stirring threads in EDMW to voice your justification – you’re not going to get an answer unless the issue has been taken note and investigated. Post your concerns in the right place – the feedback forum. We will not condone threads rallying for your cause.

Just a small suggestion, an adaptation of another site's appeal process:

Why not make appeals available directly through the infraction notice (?) (don't know how it works...never had the misfortune of being infracted) itself?

This way, others unrelated to the post/thread/infraction would not be privy to the matter & not "rally" or otherwise butt in. Moderators (other than the original moderator) should still be able to access the moderated post through the moderation number (?).

A first-time appeal goes back to the original moderator. A second one goes to another moderator (or team of more senior moderators).

The final (3rd?) appeal goes to the admin(s) & the subsequent decision stays final.

Any further grouses can then be shared on the Feedback forum for all to see.

Board users may be limited to all-the-way appeals for say, once per month? If that appeal fails, he/she can only appeal up to the 2nd-tier for the rest of the month. Timeline are adjustable, of course.

There are more nuances to the community-based moderation, if you & your team are interested in the best practices adopted by other sites.
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