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Family owned, 7 Series and S class.

But I dulan GrabCar system already, don't like the app and their processes. Now only sometimes do Uber and private jobs.

One example is Extra stop within 2.5km on GrabCar economy supposed to be add $5 but many riders especially young one take us for granted. If pleasant I will do it and even decline your extra payment if no jam or not peak hours.

Another example is their accounts deposit extra $200 plus into my bank account and $100 plus into credit by mistake, I didn't realize it either. I received a call one evening by some hero(realized after he was calling on behalf of his female colleague whom committed the mistake) whom was very impolite. I told him it's unreasonable to expect me to take action based on a call from a private number, please at least write to me. I then received an email which was rude and literally a threat. I replied f-King them in civilized language and said to call on my counsel if necessary. After that the female accounts called and promised she will get back to me. Since then nothing for about two months already.

Limo as in rent or ur own?????
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