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Got so good to absorb 7%GST mehhhhh

Understand that many of you are reluctant to pay for the 7% GST for sea freight, but let me tell all of you in fact sea shipping, you will have to pay 7% GST no matter what. Only for air freight then you will have to pay 7% GST for goods that's above $400.

Here's a break down, the rates are taken from competitors.

My sea shipping does not go by weight, but CBM. So you can order item that is as heavy as 80KG, but just pay flat rate $130. Of course, I will recommend people to use my sea shipping if it is very bulky and heavy items to make your money worth it.

Let's say customer order goods that weigh 80KG and choose BUY FOR ME services.

My exchange rate is 1SGD = 4.4RMB.

[B]For example, Total Product cost is 2000RMB, have 4 parcels.
2000RMB/4.4 = $454.55 (1st Payment)

International Shipping = $130
Agent Fee = 4% x ($130+$454.55) = $23.39
7% GST = 7% x ($130+$454.55) = $40.92
Parcel Fee= $4 ($1 per parcel)

Total cost= $130+$23.39+$40.92+$4 = $198.31 (2nd payment)
My price include delivery fee up to your doorsteps.

Competitor: I assume their exchange is also 1SGD = 4.4RMB
2000RMB/4.4 = $454.55 (1st Payment)

$0.90/500g = $1.80/1kg
International Shipping = 80KG x $1.80 = $144
Agent 8% = 8% x ($144+$454.55) = $47.85
Parcel fee = $3.92 ($0.98/parcel)

Total cost = $144 + $47.85 +$3.92 = $195.77 (2nd payment)
*Excluding delivery charges and the minimum will be at least $8 but price varies because of weight!*

So my dear buyers, you may think they have absorb your 7% GST charges, but maybe they have already included inside their price? Just a little brain storming and comparison.

Please feel free to ask me for quotation!

Thank you!
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