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New R9 390 Crazily hot

Hi Corbell, hoping to get some answers here.

I bought a new MSI R9 390 8G Gaming at the start of Jan, sticker on the card shows it is the Jan-16 batch. Anyway, I am getting temps of >92 deg celsius just gaming on dota 2 easily on the card at night ambient about 28 deg. Have let it set in for almost a month already so it should have "broken in" I supposed.

Did some research and realized that a lot of the time it is because the thermal paste is not properly applied on the card. So question is, can I bring it to the service centre, get it checked, and reapply the thermal paste in one trip? A bit ulu so dun want to make a return trip to collect the card. Shld I wait for spare cards to be in stock in case its really my card issue?
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