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I run - sorry should have mentioned that. I can't post links, but you can see a link to our testimonials on the home page (in the "bulletin") and you can read the "save money" FAQ to understand our business model. The FAQ is loaded - I wrote it all myself - probably more than what you wanted to know. Been doing this for 10+ years but started the company a few years ago. Absolutely love it.

We actually ship by DHL also, but UPS is much cheaper and has a better service record to Singapore in our experience. Our shipping calculator does real-time quotes. We can ship by Express (UPS Express Saver, 3-4 days) or Economy (UPS Expedited, 5-6 days).

Packages are almost always checked in within an hour of arrival. Every package has it's own dedicated chat box. There is no blackhole customer service. It's either me or my business partner.

We can usually do same-day turnaround if you need it urgently. But our afternoon shipping deadline in Oregon is very early in the morning Singapore time (about 7am). What most customers do is submit a consolidation the night before and put their "expected" packages in it. Then as soon as the straggler arrives, we will automatically do the consolidation.

The only thing I caution is that we are not a good value for small shipments. We are a consolidator and repacker of several packages and then have great shipping rates above 10kg or so. Our packing fees are essentially fixed after 7 packages, so "going big" is when the value begins.

Our typical consolidation contains items from 8 incoming packages and weighs about 15kg, but we have several customers who consolidate 50 packages at a time. I think there were probably a couple group buys off this forum even. on edit: I just set up promocode HWZ for a free account.

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