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So I actually tried Airfrov, which is a p2p type delivery stuff. It worked really well, and was significantly cheaper than vPOST, etc. Less hassle too - it relies on people who are travelling back to SG and have extra baggage room.
Everything is done through their app - and you can even message the person who'll be bringing your stuff back to SG.
You can use the code GR93N - add this to your Airfrov credits to get $5 off.

I got shoes sent to me for $18 - and communicated with the other party directly. As opposed to vPost for example who's base rate is close to $14 - with useless customer service.
Airfrov model doesn't works for many items. Some people are offering you to lug back stuff for them at almost no premium? Some items are even reselling for much higher than the price being offered so most of those on Airfrov are probably resellers themselves, trying to 'score' a good deal for them to earn even more.
Life is great.
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