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Brought my gf to JP to recce recce to find out what she like. Vince had to act as it was his first time seeing me and gave us a whole education session again. lol. Felt quite pai seh to make him do that but he understood and was nice about it. The length us guys have to do to keep it a secret...

She preferred the more squarish diamond Brellia. I would have chosen the Octagon but she wanted a square. Personally I thought the Octagon seemed abit more sparkly than the Brellia. Though at some angles, the Brellia did have bigger sparkles when viewed from the corner.

This is a 0.4 and 0.5 carat on her finger. Depending no the setting, I'm gonna select either one.

If its the 0.4ct, it'll be this setting. Vince put the 0.4ct Brellia on the setting to imagine it better. The halo makes the diamond looks very big.. almost double the size like a 0.8ct.

If its the 0.5ct, it'll be this one. She told me she is happy with both design and up to me to choose.. stress...
Personally, I'm actually leaning more towards this one. I think its more suitable for daily wearing than the other one..

This is another view from the side. Even the bottom side of it has a lot of detailing.

I'm about 80% sure I'm going to choose the twist one without the halo. Now I'm wondering if I should surprise her and get a larger 0.6ct? I still have room to up my budget.. only scared if its too big, will it backfire anot?
same scenario as me... Went for the Brellia because she loves the shape of the diamond then when I saw the Octagon, I fell in love with that hahahha! But oh well in the end what matters most is that she likes it.

I like the first design with the halo! hmmm the 0.4ct sure looks good on her finger... But.. I think a 0.6ct will look even nicer hahah! Anw! that might be the max size you wanna go for. I think anything which is bigger than 0.6ct might be alittle too much.
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