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Vince suggested if she's going to wear her wb on the same finger with her diamond diamond, the non-halo one will be better unless she wants her whole finger to be super bling. lol

I'm on the fence on the 0.5 or 0.6ct... I know she likes the 0.5ct for sure and she said it looks good on her hands... Really dont know if I should up it or not.. Vince advised me not all girl have the "bigger the better" mentality. If its for daily use, a comfortable size is better.. He told me to save my money. lol.
I got the Brellia too. 0.62 D VVS2. My ring design is plain.. not as detailed as yours IMO, 0.5ct is ok. My gf hands are abit bigger than average, so need a bigger rock. Your gf finger seems quite small.. it will make the diamond look bigger
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