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Vince suggested if she's going to wear her wb on the same finger with her diamond diamond, the non-halo one will be better unless she wants her whole finger to be super bling. lol

I'm on the fence on the 0.5 or 0.6ct... I know she likes the 0.5ct for sure and she said it looks good on her hands... Really dont know if I should up it or not.. Vince advised me not all girl have the "bigger the better" mentality. If its for daily use, a comfortable size is better.. He told me to save my money. lol.
Hmmmm... true that~ But from the pictures you took, I still prefer the one with the Halo. But yea like what he said, might be too blingbling for her. haha

If she says she likes the size for 0.5ct then go for that instead. You can always save your money to some other things like for the proposal itself. You don't always need to max out your budget ma. lol~
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