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What I did was put up the price I was willing to pay, and someone responded to it. Makes sense though people use it to resell stuff, though I would think the primary purpose is to tap on people who are in the country where the merchant is at, and seeing if they have excess baggage to bring your stuff back. Works especially well if you are buying stuff from countries outside U.S, U.K, Japan.

I was getting apparel, but if I was getting a TV or something like that, I'd prolly stick to vPost. For apparel, the vPost model truly sucks though, because at times, the shipping costs are way higher than the price of the stuff.
As a traveler, the price offered by many buyers was simply not attractive enough to warrant the extra effort to go search for it and buy it, then you still have to drop it off at the airfrov office? All for that $10-20 profit? What's your 'real' profit?
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