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My style? Undercut pompadour lor. Maybe if you scroll up a few hundred posts, can see my gpgt hairstyle

And yup that's the place I usually go to. There's two shops within the same marketplace. One is on the ground floor, and the other is on the second floor. I recc you better to go to the second floor one, as the hairdressers there are more experienced imo.

I wouldn't say it's an atas place la. Just a good neighborhood saloon compared to many saloons in jurong.
tks for the info bro, i checked out their FB page, VERY VERY impressive. i'm not sure who is the one(s) who did those hair art on their FB page but whoever was the hairdresser for those is awesome.

btw, if i bring S$50 for haircut there, enough bo? or $100?
from the way it seems, their fees might be quite high lol
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