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Just change to daikin non-inverter ma56ev1 with x 3 ft25dvm (9000 btu).
The thing was if compare this system with my previous inverter system, there was a bit different with the degree setting.

Current system need to set as 22c then it equal to my previous 24c.

Call the shop, they told me this was the different between non and inverter system.
it will not as cold as inverter system. Is this true? Shouldn't it to be same cold in same temperature setting?

This is an obsolete system running on R22. The shop who sold you this should be crucified, as R22 systems are not permitted to be sold in Singapore. Care to share who this irresponsible shop is?

Location of temperature sensor, as well as tolerance of the sensor plays a part. But what is important is the final temperature that you get out of the AC, and the power consumed. As an old model an non-inverter version, maybe cheap to buy out front, but high running cost. This applies to any other brands. Good luck.
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