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Hi thank you for your help.
Are there any downsides to using an old pipe?? it seems like it is impossible to to run the pipes along the wall without hacking some of the wall as the bracket or whatever it is called which holds the huge outdoor unit is placed at an awkward position which to link all the aircon needs to pass some of the walls.

Thank you!
In Singapore, many installers and air con manufacturers do not recommend good quality pipes. Importers bring in the cheapest to get good profits for themselves. But in large projects where professional engineers are involved, they would usually recommend pipes based on ASTM B-280 standards.

So if you have an old system above 12 years, especially if exposed to rain and shine or possible chemical contamination, best to spend some money to get the comfort you need. You go through the trouble once during the installation, you pay once, and you can have peace and comfort for that. Think about it.
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