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i feel this game quite meh. play a while sian liao. go in dark zone kena killed by asshole rogue players. and getting frame drops while moving around. from 60 suddenly dip to 30 at some areas. eye pain. GTX 980 btw.

going back to Siege.
Game still in beta and i'm sure you're aware nvidia released beta drivers just for the beta a day ahead of it's release? but agree even high end systems have problems - had reports from my group about artifacts, black screens (this happened to me as well, think GPU overheat / cmi), mouse/cursors not working (work around was to alt-tab in/out). but this is what we signed-up for as PCMR right? give the devs time to figure out and fix the problem - afterall this is a beta test and its purpose is to look for or capture problems. But I was quite impressed with the game's ability to scale down to older generation gaming gpus. Come to think of it, Ubisoft had to make it playable on X1 and PS4...

Anyways there's actually alot to do even in the beta duration, which will reveal that we're just skimming the surface of the game. There's other agents u have to discover / recover. 'side-quests' to solve - not all require u to shoot. There's the need to open up more of your 'HQ'. there's also the ECHO locations to find - which I suspect will explain how different factions evolved in the game to what they are in the final game. Or finding the safehouse in the first DZ.

As for DZ - action really depends on your instance and who u have in your team. I've played in instances where there's so much action it's just crazy - and in instances where everyone is 'nice' to one another.

Some may not like the gameplay because their l33t player skills don't factor in much (and if they stayed long enough in the beta, will find new ways to use their l33t player skills, hehe) or the gun-stats don't seem matter (DPS on a gun, really? LOL). But they need to understand - this game is a teamwork FPS and yes is an RPG as well. And that is what devs are aiming the game to be. think of it like those MMORPGs with themepark dungeons where u have to take down a boss with your group and need to use different skills / and stand at different locations to win the battle. Some may not like that analogy or that playstyle (esp when translated to an FPS shooter) and that's fine - it's their choice and their wallet, but at least we now have a new choice in game genre. I think The Division has alot of potential and I will be keeping my preorder.

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