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5 room HDB aircon - looking for feedback on quote

Hi all, looking for help on getting a new aircon to replace old one (about 10 years). I stay in a 5 room HDB, living room and dining area combined into one large area. I got a quote from "Tim Wong" who is active on renotalk forum. Wondering if anyone can help in the below.

1. Anyone has any experience with "Tim Wong" from renotalk? Seems to feature quite prominently there - not many reviews but those that I saw seems to be generally positive, didn't see any bad reviews.

2. He quoted the following:

Option 1 (5 ticks energy efficiency)

System 4 One Outdoor Condensor (For 3 bedroom 1 living-dining hall) with Compressor Capacity 28,000 btu- 5 ticks energy saving--Estimated $650 yearly electricity bill (based on NEA Test 8 hrs usage @ 25
degree temperature)

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Inverter 2015 New model- $4,599

MXY-4G28VA/ MSXY-FJ10 (9,000 btu) x 3 + MSXY-FJ24 (24,000 btu) x 1

He also quoted a few other models which are cheaper by $600 - $700 from MHI, Daikin and ME starmex but which are only 2-3 ticks energy efficiency. Any thoughts - was thinking of getting the above Option 1 but i thought to ask if anyone here got any feedback/comments.

Thank you!
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