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Is the Spring cold or not? I check usually about 5-15deg celsius.

Need to wear how many layers? Normal uniqlo jacket with 1 layer clothing inside can tahan? (not the heat tech)

this picture guy wear 3 layers, dunno what's the inside layer, maybe is some heat tech hack lol.

or this

I went the shop see, material like quite thin, never try before how cold is <10deg celsius for a long time outside.

need gloves?
I just returned from Japan. The temp is about 8 to 10 degree in day time and at 5 degree at night. Probably it is even colder while we are sleeping.

5 degree vs 15 degree is lot of difference. For me I don't think the 1st top piece can actually keep me warm at 5 degree.

I wear 3 layers. Base Layer is heat tech, followed by a long sleeves and outer is the light weight uniqio down jacket. especially with chill wind blowing, I wear a beanie. It made lot of difference when your head and ears are covered.
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