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Hi, i would say totally worth the money.
I haven't used other spray before except gatsby sprays (various hardest versions), and i would say spraying a tiny bit of PowerPoint spray provides 5x more hold than spamming my head full of gatsby.

Best is, the fragrance is very tasty (like fruit juice) and looks very natural. Best part is, against super huge beach level winds, your hair will get messed up (if you are not using wax or gel), BUT just style it back and the HOLD returns! With the Gatsby sprays, once the hair is messed up, the hold goes away for good.

I'm only using powdershake on the top n sides of my hair without wax n gel, and PP alone is enough.

Btw, are u using golddigger? How does it compare against Gatsby moving rubber series?
powdershake can use for ur fringe also. spray on ur hands first.
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