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Thanks Bro,might consider getting one haha,will it have white flakes as i read online gatsby tend to have it when u swept ur hair,depending which Gatsby moving rubber u comparing,if u comparing the one I had b4 the purple one forget the name,gold digger is much easier to wash off as gatsby to me is really hard to wash off i need to shampoo it 2 times.The hold on gold digger is much better.I find that gatsby get sticky cant sweep back with my hands even though is much oily than gold digger.Well just my opinion and vary from which gatsby u using.
Powerpoint spray no white flakes, don't worry. i regularly use those brush comb to further enhance the volume, sometimes use hand as well, no issues with that. if you look at the details and reviews on junhong's site on this spray, you'll read the same thing. that's why when i discovered this thing, it was one of the best discovery in my life. before that, i spent more than a decade wondering how come the gatsby spray all don't seem to have any effect on my hair.

also, the gatsby moving rubber all seem to be useless, no offense.
tried the red, purple, green, gray, blue, brown before....
all those nonsense about green = max airy volume, red = max hold etc....are all BS.

btw, is gold digger good for making those faux hawk / mohawk type of spiky hair? thinking of getting one for my bro. i remember reading got gaoxing and a few others here sell it, didn't keep track
where did you get yours from?

powdershake can use for ur fringe also. spray on ur hands first.
tks, how many times do u spray on it? also, after spraying, i assume you rub into the front part of hair, then sweep it sideways, then blow-dry?

tbh, i never thought powdershake can be used like that, because once the mist leaves the bottle, it seems to vanish into air.
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