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Purchased 2x sineoji 593 from dean to replaced my vstarcam yesterday. Sent my enquires to him in the afternoon and he came down and setup in the evening. Very fast and prompt response from dean.

Camera is easy to setup. Just need to install the app on my android phone and add the cameras by WiFi instead of plugging in cable. After that, on my wife's phone, just need to search them on the network and add into the app.

Audio wise, zafego is slightly better. Sineoji is softer but not distorted like vstarcam. Image quality is decent. For night vision, my preference go to sineoji as I had issue with zafego previously. If u know how to do the adjustment, there are saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, luminance etc for you to play with via the Web application.

Price wise, is higher but I believe the support, response and service I'm getting are way better than any other competitors so far.

And If anyone is thinking of getting an ipcam, I suggest you contact dean and try sineoji.
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