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VStarcam is crap to me now, I've already change away all and put in ZAFEGO to my MALAYSIA home instead after a few cameras did not show up online, end up saw that all cameras are having all LAN lights ON constantly, which I learnt is the processor bricked or dead. Mind you, these are the latest C series, crap products...

Yah, MARIX had ditched vstarcam in SG, understand that many other distro around the world also stopped selling, even the MY distributor (not MARIX) i last asked also say they ditched the brand cos of high returns. All selling OEMs instead from MARIX, but higher price than SG.

Zafego wise, easy to setup to local internet provider's wifi router with their quick setup feature. So, i had no problem setting up even when local telcos had the lan port disabled.

CMS wise, I think there is bug. Need to ask MARIX to overhaul it when i get back to work after CNY.

They have flash sales now everyday between 8pm to 12midnight, price to me is cheap, below $100 budget.
Can still remembers the days when ppl are slamming Vstarcam but some people keeps defending it religiously and put down others by saying pay peanuts get monkey. Really laugh die me.
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