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Hi all,

Im in dilemma right now. 2weeks ago, went to IMM to survey aircon for my 5room resale flat. After some "powerful" sales talk from a B*** T*** salemans, hurriedly paid/booked deposit $300 for the new LG(4 ticks) Sys 3 price at$2699. It was on sale then, thus was afraid the sale ends.
Insulation is their so called "signature" Yamato 3/8 while other items are pretty standard.

1) After reading horror stories in the web abt B*** T***, im now thinking should I forfeit the $300 deposit and buy from other companies? Current flat using Fujitsu Sys 2 installed by GC almost 4yrs ago. So far so good with 1 or 2 times yearly servicing.

2) This Yamato insulation by B*** T***. Cant find much info abt it on the web. So are they trying to bs us consumers? Even saleman from GC said, its only them who re using this product while others are using those test-proven Armaflex & whatever-flex all this while.

3) LG aircon... anyone hv experience with this brand? Its made in korea and with 4 ticks. So I tot should be ok rite?

4) Now wifey, want to put aircon in living area and study rm. So I tot adding another Sys 2 on top of the Sys 3. Is this config ok? What other brands should I look at?

But most important, anyone hv experience with B*** T***? So issit? Was thinking also, if they were that BAD! They are still ard after all these years what? So should be ok rite?
My MHI was installed by them 6 years ago. Still working fine. Horror stories are just stories.
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