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seat fee is the additional charge for limited express and shinkansen. there is a seat fee regardless whether it is reserved or unreserved seat, with unreserved seat having a lower seat fee
NEX only have reserved seats iirc
Thanks! In this case shld I still get the Hakone free pass? I am actually taking the limousine bus to Shinjuku when I arrive. 1 way is 3,100yen but if I buy round trip it is 4,500 yen. Then get the Hakone free pass 5,140yen and spend a night in Hakone. Next day head to Odawara to see plum blossoms then back to airport. My flight is 8:50pm. Luggage will be sent to Narita using courier before I leave Tokyo.

I was initially thinking of returning back to Shinjuku to take the bus. But this would take 4hrs to reach airport. Now I'm considering taking train directly to Narita from Odawara but seems like a lot more expensive?
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