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Had a super damn bad experience with Vpost. Customer service was below par. Response to messages and emails was super slow. Response in 2-3days. In the beginning wasn't that bad. No problems so far. Cos I mostly ship toys.

Bought 2 items. Same items same content.
One was sgd $105
Second was sgd $75.

Should have just shipped via the merchant direct to Singapore. Thought use Vpost cheaper. I was wrong!
To my horror.

One was shown on Vpost at $225.50!!!
Another roughly $180.50!!!!

I almost died laughing cos I knew whatever later on to reduce weight will end up in deaf ears. They said couldn't be repacked cos of its size. Waiting for a reply from them I can grow white hair faster. Talked to different CSO. All can't make it. Super below par customer service. One of the manager gave me 25% discount but that also doesn't reduce my cost. I knew I had no choice but to pay. Suck thumb.

They insist on repacking and asked me wait 2-3 days but I told them I was told that it couldn't be repacked so why do I need to wait for an answer I already knew?? I just want my item shipped. Its an expensive lesson.

One thing for sure, I will definitely stay away from Vpost from now on. Been using their service for quite some time.
I am a patient person but they will take advantage of your patience. Believe me. I don't even post on the page wall but instead pm them. Even that took 2-3 days reply. Wah kao!

Customer service sucks and they will talk to you as if they are 100% right.

Firstly gave a 25% discount code. So I used it to pay for my Vpost USA and Europe. Only one code able to use on USA. And I asked nicely why I can't use for Europe? I wasn't even told that I can only use once. So they gave me another 25% code. But when I used it, its still expensive! I told them if i use my Citibank 20% its much cheaper so they explained that the code doesn't include fuel cost. Smlj!?? For what fark 25%?!!

I will measure the items myself when it reaches Singapore. Cos I don't trust them at all.

First time complaining....sian
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