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Smile Advice : 1st Trip (11D10N) Kyoto-Nara-Kobe-Osaka Honeymoon

Hi Japan experts!

I`m going to Japan for my honeymoon trip this coming 28th Feb.

I would like get some tips and advice where to go at these places that we planned to visit (Kyoto-Nara-Kobe-Osaka)

Day 1 28th Feb Arrived Osaka Kansai Airport 11am
Kansai Airport To Kyoto via JR Tokkyu Haruka Line
Kyoto (Nishiki Market, Gion)
Day 2 29th Feb Kyoto - Arayashima
Day 3 1st Mar Kyoto - Nara
Day 4 2nd Mar Kyoto - Kobe
Day 5 3rd Mar Kyoto - Takayama/Shirakwago
Day 6 4th Mar Takayama/Shirakwago
Day 7 5th Mar Takayama/Shirakwago - Osaka
Day 8 6th Mar Osaka - Hida Takayama
Day 9 7th Mar Osaka - Nagaragawa Hot Spring
Day 10 8th Mar Osaka - Kanazawa
Day 11 9th Mar Osaka - Universal Studio Japan
10th Mar Osaka - Shopping Check-IN by 1820
11th Mar SIN

1)Should I be buying 7 Days JR pass to use from Day 1 to Day 7?

2)Could you recommend any passes to use for my stay in Osaka, most probably will be staying in Namba area and travelling to the main tourist attractions in Osaka, shrines and castles etc

3)Can the JR pass be used for travelling between Kyoto to Takayama and back from takayama to Osaka? And also from Kyoto back and fro from kobe and nara?

4)Im thinking of going for the shirakwago ropeways, and staying in a gass house in takyama with hot spring… is there other things to do there during winter? Like leisure hiking etc? anyone can recommend the itinerary in takayama area?

5) Is Rinku premium outlet better or Toki outlets near Osaka airport? do we need to train or its walking distance as we have our luggages with us after checking out from the hotel.

6) Where can I get mobile data line? I need to be connect as my clients will be connecting me via whatapps etc...

7) Any good hotels at Osaka/Kyoto for couple staying?

Thanks and Appreciated.
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