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Speed Test Results Part 2

Lastly, D-Link DIR-885L was rigged to the 2.4Ghz band. The Windows WiFi status now shows the speed that this connection is “capable” of is at 450Mbps.

However, when the same tests were repeated, the results were very disappointing. The D-Link DIR-885L was only able to achieve in Kbits/sec type of performance.

Further analysis shows that there has been much lag in the transmission at the 2.4Ghz band. The transfer rates can drop to 0(zero) bits/sec at 70% of the 60sec test windows. I’ve tried various means to determine the source of this but to no valid outcomes. I’ll try to get another client to test this again to see if there are issues with my setup. Hopefully my set is not a lemon out of the box..

Do share here if you faced similar issues as me. TIA!
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