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hi hwzers, am going to register for the Dec'16 paper but I have some queries which many sources are giving very vague answers. Hope you guys can help me out with them.

1. Where can we purchase the set of Schweser self-study package?

2. Kaplan offers an early bird classroom discount of $2,890 for their premier package but their self-study package costs $2,975? What are the differences between the 2 options?

3. Other than Schweser's study package, what other publications would anyone else recommends? And where can I purchase them?


Anybody wishes to form a study group do contact me at 98188246, Jeremy
1. online from Kaplan. alternatively, Taobao sells it at a reasonable price.

2. can't help with that, i did self-study

3. just one set of good notes will suffice, imho

good luck
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