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I will be to and fro osaka in late apr. what is your comments for the below itinerary.

Day 1 - Land osaka 3pm - haruka express to kyoto - stay gion - visit yasaka shrine, pontocho alley.

Day 2 - Nijo castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Ninna ji Temple (Tenative Late bloom cherry blossom) Arashiyama by Bus Tenryu-ji Temple Bamboo Forest

Day 3 - Kiyomizu-dera temple Ginkaku-ji + Jishu Shrine Path of Philosophy Nishiki Market Daimaru Depachika Ippudo Gogyo Ramen - roasted miso and shoyu ramen

Day 4 - Fushimi Inari Nara - Nara Park > Kasuga Shrine > Nigatsudo Shrine > Todai-ji Temple > Kofukuji Isui-en Garden.

Day 5 - Shinkansen to Hiroshima (8am) > early check in > Train to Miyajimaguchi , Torii gate at Itsukushima shrine > Walk st of Miyajima

Day 6 - Train to JR Tadanoumi Station > Bunny Island > Hondori Street > Hiroshima Castle > Shukkeien Garden > Peace Memorial Park.

Day 7 - 10 > Osaka

Its my first trip to Japan, do you have any tips to offer on transport? Is there a JR pass agency or smth in Sg?

day 6 is going to be too packed. it is about 2hr to get from Hiroshima to Tadanoumi station, and another 15min by ferry to Okunoshima. see schedule here:

it is likely to be afternoon by the time u are back in Hiroshima. peace park and memorial museum can easily take the whole afternoon. and Shukkenien closes at 5pm. u will probably have to drop Suhkkenien and castle. Hondori u can leave it for the evening or do it on day 5 evening since there is nothing to do at all in miyajima after dark.
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